Marysville, WA Exterior Painting

There’s an old adage that says “First Impressions Mean Everything” and that especially rings true when talking about the outside of your house. No matter how beautiful or detail laden the interior of your home is, your exterior is the “First Impression” viewed by everyone. At A&A Painting we create custom exteriors by taking into account subtle architectural details and drawing attention to them to make your home uniquely yours. Whether you are repainting the exterior of your home to protect your investment, getting ready to sell or make it uniquely yours there are a lot of factors that go into selecting the proper products and colors.

Architecture – Are there architectural features worthy of highlighting through the use of color? These features may include window frames, shutters, corbel moldings, crown moldings, soffits, shake/shingle accents, recessed panels, etc.
Orientation – Does your house front face north, south, east, or west? Orientation plays a vital role on lighting and shades of color to be used.
Surface – Are we painting cedar shake, clapboard siding, stucco, brick, or a combination of all the above? Does the surface absorb or reflect color? Surfaces to be painted play a big role in the types of paint or stain to be used but also the colors.
Existing Unpainted Surfaces – Does the house have accent masonry or partial stone or brick siding? What color is the roof? And how prominently visible is the roof from the street, back yard, etc? Existing roofing and masonry features/colors are often the first consideration when selecting an exterior color.

Of course, in addition to the above, our customer’s personal preferences play a vital role in picking the perfect exterior paint color. Taking all these factors into account to create an exterior uniquely yours is what sets A&A Painting apart from all other painting contractors.

EXTERIOR Preparation:

  • High pressure water blasting
  • Take down of lights
  • Anti mildew treatment and dry rot repair
  • Scraping of all peeled and loose paint
  • Power or hand sanding for smooth surfaces
  • Caulking hair cracks and stationary seams
  • Fixing window glazing and putty
  • Patching cracked, damaged or uneven areas
  • Priming new, raw and exposed wooden parts
  • Repairing chemical reacted or damaged stucco wall
  • Masking all windows, lighting and other areas
  • Shielding or covering all landscape and hardscape
  • Using top quality materials
  • Free sample color demonstration
  • Staining new wood
  • Minor carpentry work
  • Waterproofing
  • Hand brush work on every corner
  • Color consultation and schematics

For trades outside our expertise, we can recommend trusted professionals.

Our highly trained and qualified painters always do their best to satisfy all our customer’s needs. Our company’s goal is to more than satisfy the customer by upholding our standards of excellence. We emphasize excellent preparation and high quality materials applied with time-tested techniques. We try our best to accommodate any special need for each of our customers.

Our company paints all types of projects — interior and exterior residential, commercial, public, and industrial buildings. We are dedicated to providing our clients with prompt, professional, quality work. For over 8 years, we have provided friendly service at affordable rates. Our hope at A&A Painting Inc. is that you will feel confident in our ability to meet all your expectations and know that you are always our number one focus.